Weekend Coat Closet Cleanup

coat closet cover

Hello unfinished project from over a year ago. This is what happens when you get pregnant people. We just threw stuff on the ground after we had painted and ALMOST finished with the shelves and hangers. So this last weekend I busted it out. We even had a piece of wood in the garage for weeks to put up in there we have just been very busy with other projects. It called to me. I answered. Be prepared.



Disclaimer. See those pebbles? Those aren’t rat droppings, they’re dog food from across the hallway.

That shows how much I avoided this closet.

Ok, can I just say: TILE FLOOR. We bought our house last year. I love it. But this stuff was sloppily installed throughout the upper floor (excepting the three bedrooms). COME ON. This stuff is the bane of my existence.  And the molding. Hello ugly brown that doesn’t match my style. The end is nigh.


Again. Icky.

Yep. There is a shelf messing, junk all over the floor, winter coats that can get put away and cleaning supplies ALL OVER. I took every thing out of the closet. I cannot stress the importance, when de-cluttering and organizing, of removing all the items from the offended space. This is the only way you will really be able to evaluate what you have and what needs the boot.


Then if you’re feeling really crazy, buy some awesome baskets. Wire baskets. YAY! I found these for $11 on Amazon, the price may change as I believe they were $12 at one point but it’s a great deal either way.

final basket

*shivers* I love baskets.

final closet purse

I decided that the closet needed to serve three purposes.

1) A sort of linen closet with extra paper products and towels for the guest bathroom.

2) It needed it to be entryway ready to receive coats, purses, grocery bags to go back in to the car, etc.









3) Lastly, my upstairs cleaning products. Just the usual cleaners, window, degreaser and duster. I also have my vacuum, broom and dustpan sweep in there. I had a clean freak moment and bought a new cleaning caddy in white as well as a smiley dustpan from World Market…because I needed them to match the project. I stand by my craziness.


And this is why. Hello, Lovely.

Final Front shot

So Happy.