Small Bathroom Storage – Under the Sink

I haven’t posted in a while because I have been working with a lot of new clients on getting their spaces together! It has been fun but also takes a lot of time! I love it 🙂 Here is a short fun blog post about getting those small under sink storage areas in order – this is great for apartment living and small bathrooms, especially if you share a space with someone else!




A friend recently asked about storage solutions under the sink, and let me tell you it’s never easy. You can see how successful my first attempt was.




Man, well that is embarrassing! Essentially everything had it’s own bin and I didn’t have a lot to declutter but I hated the roll out rack that I had and the baskets but didn’t feel like purchasing new ones until I had an idea that worked for the space. You can tell by how things are splayed out that I really didn’t like the space. When you have a storage solution you like and love all the items you own you take better care of them and have them put back into the same place every time. So let’s get to the juicy stuff.


First I took my before photo – motivation to never have that again!!


So when I started this process I went through everything I had, I must have had 5 times this much bathroom stuff and it was a whole bunch of soaps, lotions, relaxation goods, shampoos, body washes, etc. NONE of which I used or was immediately inclined to using. Sure I used some of it a couple of times or had moved on to another product after only using half a bottle but I figured they still had some uses in them. A lot of people think like this, “I use it sometimes.” or “I spent a lot of money on this but I never use it.” or “I am going to start using this.” By the end of it you have a 10 product morning and night routine and tons of shower products, leftover and half used makeup with random hair supplies that you barely see.



“I use it sometimes” there is a reason why it is not apart of your everyday routine. Whether it be your ritual already has too many steps, or you have something that serves a similar purpose, or you only use it on special occasions. The ugly truth is, you would use it everyday if you loved it and needed it. REALLY start using it everyday or say goodbye because it is not important enough to you if you don’t use it everyday. Don’t keep clutter you might use.

“I spent a lot of money on this.” Everything in your home is yours. That money is gone. And when you start this process towards the kind of lifestyle you had you have to let go of the monetary value and think of the PERSONAL VALUE.

“I am going to start using this.” Then use it. I say if you can’t use it for 21 days in a row, consistently and without annoyance at the extra time, get rid of it. A beauty routine should be simple and easy. Not everyone can spend hours getting ready, most of my clients need something simple and efficient even though they have a ton of products. The marketing world wants you to think you NEED all of their products. But you don’t! A simple routine can be a great energizer for your day.

“I will use this when this item runs out.” I get it, toothpaste, that’s make sense. But body lotion, body wash, shampoos, luxury items etc. All of those things people hoard like mad. It’s one of the most common clutter habits I run into and almost EVERYONE does it. You bought the item, and then after a while saw another type that you were excited to use. The old one is put away in the cabinet, half used, probably even has some tacky drips coming off the cap. *shivers*. The love you had for that item is gone, I know it seems wasteful but consider this a one time thing that you are doing and it won’t happen again. Get rid of the items you have hidden away for “maybe someday” because chances are when you are done with the one in the shower, you will get another one of that item or you will want something new and fresh for the season. I encourage getting rid of half used items that are waiting to be used later because the excitement you had for that item has faded and it is CURRENTLY not serving a purpose and just taking up space. To truly declutter and not return to clutter again, you need to get rid of the items you are not using or have no current taste for so that you can have an everyday focus only on items you have now that serve a purpose for you now.


A lot of times people will have old lotions or shampoos, body wash etc. Just toss it, do you really want to put yellowed lotion on your skin <insert Red Dragon joke> nope.


One word. BACTERIA. *heebie jeebies*

While you have been using that brand new voluminous mascara there is an old friend hanging out in the makeup bin waiting for that emergency day you may need it just waiting to touch those luscious lashes again. Sure it’s been six months but you might need it just in case. Do you lend mascara to friends? No, why? Because you don’t want to spread whatever creepy microscopic wigglies are floating around in their eyeballs on to yours and possibly get infected.

So while you have not been using your old mascara, the same thing is happening in that tiny tube. Germs farm. I do not have mysophobia I just don’t like eye infections. Same thing with other makeup. It has old bacteria, germs and skin cells in it. Makeup has an unspoken shelf life. Check out some tips here.



For some unknown reason – possibly me being lazy my husband never putting them away, I always lose my nail clippers and therefore bought them frequently. Here is what I was looking at for my nail items.


FIVE NAIL CLIPPERS. Who the heck needs 5 nail clippers? I ONLY HAVE TWO HANDS. And one is busy clipping the other. There is NO reason. So I kept one pair of nail clippers and one of the Toe clippers, because my toe nails have a whole routine just for those indestructible nails. Donated the rest.

I also needed to go through my nail polish again, I kept some colors I liked even though they are not very opaque so I have to paint A LOT of layers when I use them. The drying time drives me crazy and as I decluttered these puppies I thought, “Enough is enough. If they don’t make me happy I will avoid using them or buy something else so I might as well say goodbye.”



Much Better.


I also bought three of these stackable containers for my wedges and my cotton balls.
They are behind the nail box in the cupboard.


It is also really important to keep your products organized in their containers, small containers can help!
For instance, I found this lipstick organizer at DAISO and it houses all of my nail colors and accessories beautiful
with room to spare lining the container.


I said goodbye to the beauty routines I never use, like the extra deep cleaning products.
I love the acne soap I use it does wonders with the scrub brush and let’s be honest here, beauty products aren’t regulated.
Seriously, they don’t have to tell you what is in the product nor be honest about it, I don’t like that. I am satisfied with one thing that works.


The rest of the items were pretty big but I still wanted to contain my extra glass cleaner…napkin so it didn’t unravel in the bin.


THANK YOU STAPLES. This business card holder is perfect and now I have one in my purse too. Love it.


It doesn’t take much to keep these items in order, the glasses and contacts have their own bin and the rest of
my skin products are neatly tucked away.


Hair Products are a real struggle for people, they love their many sprays, waxes, foamies and smoothers…. I’m not one to talk when I say that most products have crazy bad things in them and for me the less I put in my hair the healthier it will be. Usually my day is just a dab of heat protectant for blow drying and a spritz of spray or I let it dry naturally. Once every two weeks I strip my hair of the chemicals in the shower and shampoo twice a week. I’m one of those rare people that listens to their hairstylists when they say don’t use shampoo in your hair EVERYDAY. Try every 3, your hair will love you for it.


hair containers-1

Clips and things can be stored in baggies for easy grabbing and they don’t go all over the bin. Like the dreaded bobbie pins! Ladies, you know what I’m talking about here.


I was trying to come up with a solution for my hair dryer, straightener and curler. I don’t like them laid down or randomly placed, hanging on the door with those wire things didn’t work. I was at a loss, I needed something tall enough to hold it’s own against my hefty hair dryer and deep enough to carry all 3. And then it hit me, a magazine box. No, really I mean it hit me. As I filled my cart with the other bins this box ACTUALLY fell on me attached to what I was pulling off the shelf. It hit me and it came home with me.


For those who wonder why I don’t store toilet paper in a wire or plastic etc, toilet paper holder to save room under the cabinet: I used to. I did and all I could think about when I saw it sitting out was dust and skin collector. No mas! Under the sink it went out of sight from visitors and most importantly nice and clean for use.

Well, that’s all she wrote folks. A couple essential under cabinet items, like ladies products and toilet paper and we were solid.

Until next time, enjoy your clean ;).