Final Laundry Shot - cover

Everyone wants a glorious laundry room that looks fancy and is functional. Maybe not everyone, but I haven’t met those who don’t yet! We just love throwing everything into our laundry rooms: cleaning supplies, extra large bins of liquids, towels, mops, brooms and everything else that doesn’t have a home. It can get pretty messy in there. So last week, Mrs. W  asked me for help getting her laundry room cleaned up and functional. She had a small budget because, let’s face it laundry rooms are lovely but there are other projects that call for our attention first. I love a challenge and this was the perfect weekend, dollar store makeover. Yes, please! I personally, am not a big dollar store shopper. Yet somehow I find myself there for random projects that need attention when I only have a few bucks to spend.


I wasted time researched on pinterest some ways to make her laundry room work, and headed to the dollar store for some pre-project shopping. Normally this is a BIG NO NO. I never shop for organizational materials before I evaluate the space and stuff. Most likely you have the bins, boxes and storage supplies you need to make your space work, especially after de-cluttering. However, in this case I wanted to get a good show of how you can really make a dollar store trip work for you and still look appealing. This lady has fabulous taste so I didn’t want it to look to cheesy in there.

I bought some bins, 2 cake tins, a bag of marbles (this list is getting funny) and some clothespins. When I got home I did a quick,white spray paint on the smaller plastic tubs on a diagonal for a cool look just to give them a fun element and break up all the teal that was going to rain down on her laundry room.


Here is what we headed into together.



Hello you fabulous project.


First, We emptied that puppy out. EVERY SINGLE THING. This is seriously important. If you don’t get all of your items out of the space you are working in and throw it all on the ground you will never know how much you have and be encourage to de-clutter. Mrs. W said my favorite words, “Wow, I didn’t know I had so much stuff in there.” Music to my ears. My favorite de-clutter motivational speech and I don’t even have to give it.

We gave the room a good scrubbing and bribed her daughter into getting some fallen papers behind the laundry machine. She happily ran off with a quarter and later returned with three. Not sure how that happened. Afterwards Mrs. W quickly decided what she did need and what she loved compared to what she didn’t use, didn’t need and what simply didn’t belong in the laundry room. Random craft supplies, helmets and some cleaning liquids that could be stored elsewhere were booted politely excused.

TIME TO ORGANIZE!!!! This is what I live for people. I love this part.


We brought in the bins and decided what items could be stored on the top shelf for less frequent use and those that needed to be on the bottom shelf for daily accessibility. The bins on the top shelf have holes because Mrs. W is cute and petite, she can grab the bottom holes of the bin and easily bring them down and put them back up with the help of a small stool. The bins on the bottom do not have holes because they carry smaller daily cleaners and things that would visually add clutter.


As a fun dollar store project thanks to and her dollar store pantry makeover just drop a bag of marbles between the two cake tins and there you have it, a Lazy Susan! Mrs. W was excited to have a fun way to grab her stain remover and febreeze and a cute jar for her less used detergent.

IMG_2432 (1)

I am a visual person and seeing a million spray bottles with different colored sprayers, and labels and…argh. Just no. Luckily the dollar store sells spray bottles with really cute colored sprayers. Mrs. W wanted some HOT pink to pop and add some color to the room.

We tossed the old bottles after pouring the liquids into the new bottles and slapping on a label from the handy dandy label maker I purchased way back from Costco. I LOVE my label maker.


We also tackled smaller projects like the battery bin, which didn’t have a place in the home so it deserved a spot in the laundry room where the family could easily access and remember where it was. There were a ton of battery packages and plastic in that thing so we took all of the batteries out of their plastic. We separated by type, bagged and labeled some ziplocs. They now have a special place in a pretty plastic container next to the cleaning supplies.



Another dollar store trip for final items and we were ready to finish. The last of her items were stashed, some brooms and things hung on the wall behind the door (the ironing board used to hang on the door but we moved it to the wall above her little shelf. Oh ironing boards what to do with you? Treat them like art with some cool metal towel/coat hangers to hang from and if you’re feeling creative put a frame around or mount on a rack. Check out this awesome blog on how to make it look fancy!


Here are the before and afters and the laundry list (pun intended) of items I purchased and how much they cost (less than $25 spent).





Plastic Bins – $10

2 Cake Tins – $2

Bag of Marbles – $1

2 Spray Bottles – $2

Clothes Pins – $ 1

Glass Jar – $1


Metal label tags


Here are the final photos. Looking Good Mrs. W. Happy Washing.


Final Laundry Shot