DIY – Marble Tile Tray


FIRST DIY and this one is EASY! Let’s get started —



SUPPLIES: (all of these supplies can be found at your local Lowes or Home Depot)

Marble tile ($4.49 locally for me)

Plastic bumpers (to protect the bottom of the tray – I had these on hand previously but they were about $3 for a packet that comes with 10 pieces: 4 large and 6 small)

Cabinet handles (the silver handles I bought at Lowes were $6 each but you can purchase something like it on Amazon for a lot less like these)

E6000 (usually about $6 – here is where you can get a nice sized tube for $6)


Eraseable Marker



Step 1: Place your tile on a soft blanket, towel, etc. So as not to ruin the surface/counter you are working on.


2 mark it up

Step 2: Place a 12″ ruler along the edge of the tile, flush to the side so that you can mark where the cabinet handle will go. Use the ruler to align the handle to the middle of the tile and check to see how far you want the handle to go into the tile. It’s all personal preference here, but I like about an inch. If it is too close to the edge it doesn’t feel as secure to me.


3 markups and glue

Step 3: Prepare your E6000 glue – be careful! When you take the cap off this stuff just oozes out the top fast – messy! Think: your morning shaving cream that continues to foam after you have put it down. So either wipe the glue till it stops oozing (it happens eventually after the initial pressure is released) or use it quickly.


5 Glue on handle


Step 4: Place your handles where you’ve marked with the eraseable marker and let it sit. Seriously, no touchy. It will take anywhere from a few minutes to a half hour to dry. Be paranoid. Wait an hour then come back to it. (You can even save this to your pinterest if you need something to do! 😉 )

Step 5: Come back, lightly nudge the handles to see if they’re firmly in place and slowly escalate your pressure to make sure they’re secure

NOTE: These tiles are not meant to be held by the handles they are purely decorative, always have a hand under the tile or against the sides to make sure you have extra support. Over time the glue can deteriorate and the handles might loosen – I have not had these long enough to say either way.

6 bumper love

Step 5: See those puppies? That’s what makes this project work. They protect your surface like nobody’s business and they look cute doing it. Bumpers. I LOVE these because they are more descrete than your average, ugly felt circle. And square. I just love squares. Paired with how perfectly you can line these little guys up with the corners and the fact that they’re slightly transparent so as not to disturb your look – Yes. Just yes.

Stick em’ on there. If you don’t have faith that these will stay you already have some glue on hand just waiting to be squeezed. Yes. I went there. Craft supplies just make me happy and tell terrible jokes.

7 bumper corners      8 back bumpers

(Don’t mind the price tag – I removed it later)

You’re done. That’s it. Pure and simple, wonderfully crafted and ready for whatever and wherever you desire to place these in your home.


Love it.


Until next time. Enjoy!