Diaper Caddy Essentials!


I am a big advocate of keeping like items in the same space and having only one space designated for those items. I don’t like having my cleaning supplies all over – pens and scissors in different rooms (i.e. junk drawer dwellers). I love having items in one place so I always know where to go (this is a big deal for staying organized – the less locations you have for one item the more likely it will always find it’s proper home) HOWEVER constantly going back and forth up and down the stairs with a baby all day just to change him is crazy pants. So an all time mommy favorite was called upon.

The Diaper Caddy.


For all you new mom’s here is a breakdown of the necessities that go in my diaper caddy. What’s great about this is you can take it with you down stairs (or up, your preference 😉 ), the car, the boat (if you have a boat we need to be friends), the baby closet, even your changing dresser if you need something to hoard your items into one spot for easy access.



A Carrier

I admit it, I’m shallow, I didn’t want a plastic bin for cleaning supplies I want cute. This can be a basket, a    bin, a bag, a box you name it – whatever suits your stylish mommy needs,

Check out these awesome finds at world market). Wire Galvanized Gift Basket, Storage Bin or this Clear Caddy from Amazon!


Diaper Essentials

Shocking! But seriously – there are so many different opinions and preferences on these guys. I use Pampers Swaddlers.

Diaper Wipes
THIS IS A THING. You say you won’t be picky and then you take a whiff of your baby butt and it smells like bizarre chemically treated poop. Then you realize your wipes stink, literally. I like Pampers wipes – the other ones just rub wipe me the wrong way. (I’m alone with a baby A LOT – excuse my terrible jokes. There is no cure)

I am not a terrible mom but I am a new one. Don’t feel bad if sometimes you don’t notice when you put your baby down for a nap and s/he poops as you take a nap. You come back and Hello Diaper rash. Desitin isn’t really a necessity but it’s nice in case of emergency.

Changing Pad Liners
I’m lazy. I don’t wanna wash covers all the time so I line them with things that I can swap out easily. There are SO many items you can use – disposable diapers, receiving blankets/swaddles, paper towels, kitchen towels (just remember which ones are for the kitchen) or changing pad liners. My favorite choices are linked in the item names.

Diaper Trash Bags
I use dog poop bags for these. They’re cheaper than the diaper bags they sell on-line for the same purpose just trying to reel in the new moms who don’t know how cheap they can get where to save money…YET!


Hand Sanitizer
If I need to explain this you have not been pee’d / pooped on enough. YOUR TIME WILL COME!



Blankets and Burp Cloths
I use disposable diapers for different purposes. For instance, burping. They are super absorbent and easy to bleach if it comes to that (It does). I also use them for under the tush when changing in strange places. Swaddles serve the same purpose or if he needs an extra blanket in the car seat, or a cover.

Change of Baby Clothes
Since the weather is heating up, this consists of a onesie and a baby bib. In the winter I will throw in socks and pants.

Please skip this section if you are a magical mom with super powers who just looks at their baby and the baby falls asleep. For the rest of us – I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Brown’s pacifiers. The nipples on the binkies are like the nipples on their bottles so it is a great transition when you are bottle feeding and use pacifiers.

Don’t ask me how to ween them off of pacifiers – we haven’t gotten to that stage yet 😉

Now obviously this is mostly just a day to day – sometimes I slip in the snot sucker  (THANK GOD FOR THE PEOPLE WHO MADE THESE) or some powder but those things can easily be taken out, added or I can just run upstairs if need be 😉

That’s the gist of it! Leave me a comment and let me know what you have in your diaper caddy!