The Beginning



When enough people tell you, “Hey, you should start a blog.” or “You need to sell this online or write a book on how to do this.” etc. you start to think …OK, sure… And that is the story of how I procrastinated starting a blog for 2 years!

So here is me 2 years later, plus one house, dog and newborn baby – writing a blog.

Sharing the in’s and out’s of my journey through de-cluttering and organization. My home is totally mostly neat and tidy in the clutter department. There is a random closet that can always use some updating and labeling. I am completely obsessed with labeling. Hold me back people. I have several clients upcoming who have blessed me with the privilege to work in their home and help them get their clutter managed. Those stories will be included in the near future with before and after photos as well as hints and tips on how to get things done!

I will also be throwing in some DIY projects, interior design, and random baby things. Because no bloggin’ mommy doesn’t talk about their newborn baby. Seriously though, hints and tips on babies – there are never enough for me. So we’re making that section happen.

Most of all – this site is for you to get some AWESOME ideas about how to de-clutter and organize your life with tips, how to’s and inspirational posts (with as little preaching as possible). I will also include DIY’s to make your newly organized abode look fantastically chic for a respectable budget. With how much my family spends on diapers I need to be creative here.

Lastly, I love graphic design! I will share freebies and downloads but of course a mommy has to make her living. I work part time but a little money to put in emergency savings is a must! I hope to one day be able to fully support my half of the household income with blogging and selling graphic design work but for now – this is it!