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I asked my mom, “What made me become so obsessed with design and organization?” She told me she had no idea and I had been doing it since I was little. I remember going into my little brother’s room when he was at a friend’s house and cleaning his room, throwing things away, and reorganizing his toys. As a child to me cleaning included setting up scenes on the shelves in his massive closet of how I thought his Star Wars toys should look. I would organize books by height so the tops cascaded in on direction and you could run your hand in one motion across them without it getting caught. I would dust and decorate and make it perfectly tidy. I deserved a trophy for being an awesome sister, really, gold stars – everywhere. And then he went into his room. You’d think I cleared the place out! He would get so upset because he could never find his items or he didn’t want something thrown away. He was mostly mad because as a younger brother, sibling rivalry and all, he hated his sister looking at him – let alone touching his things. So I would go to my room and reorganize my stuff, de-clutter, throw my mother’s favorite daughter drawings out (to me they were NOT important), I was relentless. And then drag my mom or aggravated brother into my room and show them how organized the supply drawer of my desk had become. This is how it starts people, the crazy.


It didn’t get better. 😉


To this day I have this insane urge to purge and organize. I fidget looking around other homes and wonder how I can help de-clutter and tidy. If someone is unhappy in their situation and they want to change their lifestyle, their job, marriage problems, etc. I want to clean their house. Hear me out! I have the sincere and unshakable belief that if your environment is tidy and everything has a place with no unwanted items – the rest of your life will fall into place. Outside of your home the world is uncontrollable.When you enter your house, the last thing on your mind should be the laundry list of things you have to do. Hours of cleaning to get your ship in working order is not what I call an oasis. If you have a family and pets who need your undivided attention the second you get home you don’t want to waste all night getting everything back to the way it was two weeks ago.


So I started helping friends here and there get organized. Even in high school I rearranged rooms, created unique organizing solutions even some DIY projects to help improve my friend’s lives. And it worked. The joy they feel make me feel so complete. I love DIY projects, art and graphic design so all of these things fit in perfectly with my “Love everything in your home” spiel.  This blog is the effect of all my experiences and will help channel my inner crazy organizer for the world to benefit. Soak it in people, it’s all yours.



None of my life’s pursuits are worth mentioning without a word about my wonderful family. I married my best friend in 2013 and we now live just outside of Seattle, WA. While I am not a stay-at-home mom, I am a part time worker for an amazing company and a full time mom when I am off. I am blessed with a super helpful husband named Eduardo, super unhelpful black lab named Lima and a baby boy named Grayson.


We were lucky to purchase our home in December of 2014. It is a 4 bedroom, 3 bath home just outside of our favorite neighborhood, saving on taxes (let me tell you – worth it). It’s definitely my dream home and I couldn’t have asked for a better first-timer. My mother was able to move in with us downstairs and rent out her condo for some extra income (SO SMART) and help with the baby, puppy (when she was and still acts like she is) and just general maintenance downstairs in her dubbed “Mom Cave”

Life is good. Now, back to business!